10  good  reasons  to  cooperate  with  the  «Zerva  Cosmetics»


  • We  have  over  two  decades  of e xperience  in  the  area  of  make up.
  • We  have  been  awarded  by  EOMMEX  as  the  best  in  the  business  scope.
  • We  are  a  constantly  growing  and  healthy  company  today.
  • We  worthily  represent  our  country  in  international  conferences  with  the  name «Zerva Cosmetics».
  • The  Lifelong  Learning  Center  of  Professional  Make  up  in Greece  and  abroad,  specifying professional  make  up  artists  and  teachers.
  • We  support  the  stores  with  the  brand  «Zerva  Cosmetics»,  which  may  be  tomorrow  owners.
  • The  partner  network  is  expanding  in  Cyprus,  in  countries within  or  outside   the  European  Union  and  the  Middle  East.
  • We  produce  our  products  in  Milan,  Italy,  which  are  classified  as  mineral,  under  the  umbrella  of  laws and  certifications  of  the  European  Union,  does  not  include  derivatives  and  animal  fats  and  is  against  animal  testing.
  • The  Company's  policy  is  low  and  competitive  prices  so  that  the  products  can  be  purchased  both  by  professionals  and  by  women  who  want  to  treat themselves.
  • We  provide  the  opportunity  for  professionals  to  create  their  own  brand  with  their  range  of  products  to  manage  their  production,  to  suggest  the  name  and  to  take  the display  image  according  to  their  country  of  origin.


Above  all  these, trust  us  because  for  24  years  we  support  all  these  areas  successfully  and  continue!

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